Thursday, 27 January 2011


Princess Coloring Pages brings you a lovely picture to color of Barbie as a Princess - to print it simply click on the picture to see it full size - then print. Get your favourite crayons now and enjoy coloring it in.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Princess Coloring Pages brings you two more Tangled coloring images that are free and printable - no cost at all and you don't need to join or subscribe to this page or any silly mailing lists!

Just click on the image you like best and it will open full size - then simply save to your PC or print. These are great coloring pages to give out as favors at your party and if you need free Tangled party invitations - then make sure you click on these words ' Free Tangled party invites '

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Princess Coloring Pages brings you this free and very cute printable Tangled birthday party invitation. Just click on the image and it will open full size - then print however many copies you need for your birthday party guests.

Monday, 24 January 2011


Princess Coloring Pages brings you two Disney activity sheets from the Princess and the frog - you can see Tiana in one activity sheet and a great dot to dot activity in the other. Click on the one you like best and it will open bigger - then print or save to your computer.

Valentines Coloring Pages

valentine coloring pages Micky

Valentines Coloring Pages, February 14th is a day when lovers and those who love to declare his love in the Western world. The origin dark as a day of celebration Roman Catholic St. Valentine was discussed in the article. Some readers may also read the words Valentin. This festival can be associated with romantic love for the late Middle Ages, when such concepts were created.

This festival is mainly associated with the mutual exchange of love to Notis-Notis in the form of "Valentines". Modern Valentine symbols, among others, including a heart-shaped card and a picture of Cupid (UK: Cupid) winged. Early 19th century, the tradition of writing love Notis statement begins mass production of greeting cards. The Greeting Card Association (U.S. Greeting Card Association) estimates that approximately one billion Valentine cards sent each year. This makes this festival is the second biggest festival after Christmas, where the greeting cards sent. This same organization also estimates that women purchase approximately 85% of all valentines.

United States began in the second half of the 20th century, the tradition of exchanging cards expanded to provide all kinds of gifts, mostly by men and women. Gift regular roses and chocolates. In the early 1980s, the diamond industry began to promote Valentine's Day as an opportunity to give jewelry. Lets Download these Valentines Coloring Pages.

valentine coloring pages hellokitty
valentine coloring pages elmo
valentine coloring pages bear
valentine coloring pages

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Snow Coloring Pages 2011

snow coloring pages tongue
Download Snow Coloring Pages 2011 Moon turn red, sky observers and millions of people in the United States witnessed a rare event, a lunar eclipse in the winter.

When the eclipse occurred, in the northern Hemisphere, the duration being the shortest day this year. In north America, Greenland, and Iceland, a total lunar eclipse occurred in the early morning December 21. While in the west, eclipse seen on December 20, starting in the afternoon. According to Dr Robert Massey, astronomer at the Royal Astronomical Society, this eclipse visible in northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

snow coloring pages tools
"Eclipse in the winter months show a different color. There are several other colors that look. The color will change from gray to orange and finally reddish," said Ed Krupp, Some astronomers say, the total lunar eclipse that occurred in last winter occurred in 1638 and will happen again in 2094.

Lunar eclipse occurs when Earth, moon and sun are in the same line. So that the sun should be about the moon's surface is covered by the shadow of the earth. Color change occurs because the sun penetrate the earth's atmosphere before it hit the surface of the moon.

Earth's atmosphere hold in blue and orange and red off to the moon. When the moon looks reddish, it's because when the moon began to shadow the earth is covered by other particles in the vicinity of the earth's atmosphere. Examples such as ash from volcanic eruptions

snow coloring pages sledding
snow coloring pages house
snow coloring pages dora

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Winter Coloring Pages Collections 2011

winter coloring pages snowman smile

Download Winter Coloring Pages: Anyway, in Europe, winter snow may become a regular sight. If there are lectures in the morning, travel from flat to campus, with snow falling like cotton is not a romantic journey, annoying.

Imagine, at 8 am the sun is still obscure, the temperature often falls below zero. Pray there is no wind, the wind makes the air temperature fell lower. If it snowed last night, the streets are so slick abysmal. Gratitude-gratitude that campus officials had time to sprinkle the roads with salt or sand. If not, get ready to slip. Step must be slowly and carefully. Should the steady-soled shoes if you do not want fingers and soles of the feet cold. Of course you should not forget gloves, scarves, and hats that cover the ears. Body wrapped really like meatball!

Life in Canberra, Australia, first I think somewhat friendly winter temperatures. Early in the morning sun dawned with a light golden yellow. The sky often appears beautiful with bright blue, cloudless. But once out of the house, bbbrrrrrr .... Apparently, the sighting was just a 'screen saver'. Temperatures are still guns promise: cool!

During the winter do not expect to leave the house before it wrapped tightly like a cake. It's even become like a ritual every time they leave home. 'Difficulties have' that will never be experienced in Indonesia, often successfully make a homesick on earth Mother Earth, who if they want to stay out of the house grabbed the shoes only, no need to install a pair of pants, shirt or jacket so many layers of thick wind stopper, with the underwear material thermal.
winter coloring pages snowman
winter coloring pages skiing
winter coloring pages house
winter coloring pages funny

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Funny Penguin Coloring Pages Collections 2011

Download Penguin Coloring Pages now: Latest fossil findings indicate that the penguin coloring pages on the ancient, giant-sized possibilities - two times greater than the Emperor penguin are alive today. But he expected no patterned "black jacket" like a typical penguin coloring pages that are known.

Recently, researchers have excavated the remains of a penguin coloring pages nearly 5-foot-tall, once roamed the area now known as Peru, about 36 million years ago. Researchers also found fossil feathers which show the time these estimates, the bird can not fly a patterned mix of reddish brown and gray. In the report the journal Science, Thursday, fossil analysis led to new discoveries about modern penguin, which in turn raises questions about how feathers evolved penguin coloring pages to help them become an expert swimmer.

of these findings in mind that this is one of the largest type of penguin coloring pages that ever lived, it is estimated two times heavier than average emperor penguin are alive today. The second species of giant penguin coloring pages found in Peru was named Inkayacu paracasensis, or King Air. He is part of a group of penguin species are already extinct that inhabit the southern hemisphere .*

Thursday, 6 January 2011


It's gorgeous and it's pink! What more would you like? It's even ballet themed so if you're a little ballerina who is about to have a birthday party - this is the free, printable invitation just right for you. Click on the invite to see it open full size - then print however many copies you need. While you are here don't forget to print a few coloring pages for your guests - you can even add a couple to their favor bag. Enjoy your party!