Sunday, 31 July 2011


Princess Coloring Pages brings you personalised coloring pages with close to a 100 girls names - these four are the latest of our coloring pages with children's names.

To see if your name is listed, all the Name Bear coloring pictures can be seen by clicking -->  HERE

Saturday, 30 July 2011

IronHide Transformers Coloring Pages 2011

Transformers Ironhide Coloring sheet

one thing I like about Ironhide is strength in defeating the enemy, especially Megatron and his friends. with a very powerful weapon capable of making his opponent fell to the ground. lost the battle. Then, change the form of a cool car is also another thing that I admire. I want to be the closest Degnan Ironhide. For that, I collect Transformers Ironhide Coloring Pages, so I can get together on a daily basis.

Transformers Ironhide Coloring Pages
Transformers Ironhide Coloring Pages chromia line
Ironhide Coloring Pages in action
Transformers Ironhide Coloring Pages

Friday, 29 July 2011

Train Coloring Page Best Collections 2011

train chain coloring pages

Through play on a train, we can teach perseverance and cooperation. Invite some friends and get to play together.

  1. 3 pieces of cardboard used quite for includes a toddler.
  2. 12 pieces of paper cut-out circle wrapping paper used, for the wheels.
  3. 3 strands of tassels from the former shiny wrapping paper.
  4. Glue and tape.

How to play:
  1. Each child gets a cardboard box, 4 wheel cutouts, tassels and other ornaments.
  2. Ask the children to attach the wheel cutouts and decorations where you specify.
  3. After all done, have the children set up cardboard boxes lined up like a train.
  4. Invite them into cardboard boxes and singing "Take the Train."

mini train coloring pages
hello train coloring pages
big train coloring pages
train coloring pages

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Boy Coloring Pages Best Collection 2011

happy boy coloring page
To become a real boy, we have possessed a strong body like astro boy. able to do things that are heavy with the power of our bodies. For your body to be strong, we must practice it with exercise and eating nutritious foods. In addition, we must have the mind strength or intelligence to solve various problems that plagued us.

So we have to study hard in order to get the intelligence we want. The last strength is the strength of the heart, where we are taught to always do good to all people we meet everywhere. How about you? Have you become a real boy? If so, then it is time to coloring!

car boy coloring page
boy coloring page
boy brushing missing tooth coloring page
strong astro boy coloring page



Saturday, 23 July 2011


Well, I know she's not really a Princess, she is a fairy from Enchanted - but she's beautiful and soI made this free, printable party invite for any little girls who might like it -To print this invite, just click on the image and it will open nice and big - next, print however many copies you need (perhaps you can try the shortcut of pressing the control key and the letter P on your keyboard to print quickly) - then, print however many copies of this invitation as you need for the number of guests you are inviting to your fairy  party. You can print this invitation on A4 paper or on card - whatever you wish.

Oh by the way - if you're having a slumber party and need invitations for sleepover party - go to our sister site by clicking this link!


Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Rapunzel Tangled Coloring Pages Download

Tangled. If the above story feels familiar, you're not wrong. 3D animation movie made ​​by Walt Disney Animation Studios is actually picked up a classic tale titled Rapunzel. Even Disney had originally intended to use the original title even if the title finally Tangled who ultimately used. As usual, about the animated Disney knew exactly the right formula to reach audiences of all ages. So, we can be sure this is going to be able to restore Tangled film making capital is once again bringing substantial benefits for Disney.

tabled coloring sheet
From the visual side, Tangled is indeed no problem. Quality 3D animation Disney had been tested and there is no reason to complicate this time. Of course this is not the only mainstay of Disney this time. The voice cast includes Mandy Moore worked fine. They were able to blow the spirit into the characters of this animation and make it as truly alive.
tangled coloring pages
disney tangled rapunzel coloring princess
disney tangled coloring
tangled coloring image

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Hello Kitty Colloring Pages 2011

Full name: Kitty White
Date of birth: 1 November 1974 (stars: Scorpio)
Blood type: A (Negative)
Birthplace: Edge of London
Height: Five apples are prepared to top
Weight: three shiny apples
Smart: Making cookies
Favorite food: homemade apple pie cake Mom (AKA mum or Mary)
Favorite word: "Friendship"
Collection: Small objects such as candy funny, stars, goldfish, etc.
Favorite subjects: English, music, visual arts and eating pies
Characteristics: A kitten which cheerful and good-hearted. Very close with a twin brother named Mimmy.
hello kitty coloring pages love

hello kitty coloring pages flower

hello kitty coloring pages

hello kitty coloring pages online

hello kitty head coloring pages

Friday, 1 July 2011

Pokemon Coloring Pages Collections 2011

This time, I want to share about Pokemon coloring pages. Pokemon is short for Pocket Monsters and created by Satoshi Tajiri. Pokemon itself is a variety of creatures kept as pets by their owners. Until now, there are a variety of products such as Pokemon video games, cards, manga and anime series. Because distributed by Nintendo, the Pokemon game series just released for the Game Boy and Nintendo Game Cube. Pokemon also has become a pop culture icon can be seen from the many influences of Pokemon fame.

pokemon coloring page
pokemon coloring pages eevee

In the game, known as 386 kinds of Pokemon that appear in a variety of Pokemon series in which the player captures and maintains the Pokemon in order to become stronger and will fight against other Pokemon trainers.

Pokemon Company set up by Nintendo to take care of the affairs of Pokemon products from the release of the game and run the store knick-knacks Pokemon.

Ash Ketchum (or Satoshi, Japanese name), is the owner as well as the main character Pikachu. He was always traveling to find a Pokemon and become a Pokemon Master. On his way, he does not own, but, along with six friends, Misty (Kasumi), Tracey (Kenji), Brock (Takeshi), May (Haruka), Max (Masato) and Dawn (Hikari). Until now, Ash and Pikachu are already exploring the Kanto region, Orange Islands, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. And in every way they always confounded olehTeam Rocket, Team Magma, Team Aqua, and Team Galactic. And their enemies while traveling: Gary Oak (But since in Johto, he decided to become like Professor Oak), Drew, Paul, and others. Legendary Pokémon are a group of very rare and powerful.

after knowing a bit about Pokemon, then now is the time to turn on the character with the your coloring tools. I have provided Pokemon coloring pages in this article. Let's get started!

pokemon coloring pages angry
pokemon coloring pages adventure
pokemon coloring funny