Monday, 28 March 2011


With this Hello Kitty free printable Bingo sheet - you and five of your friends can play Hello Kitty Bingo. Simply click on the image to see it full size, then print. Each card features two Hello Kitties - one dressed as a ladybug (ladybird) and the other with a rabbit on its head :)
Cut out the six cards by cutting along the black lines and play! This is a great party activity and is perfect as an activity at sleepovers... enjoy!

Sunday, 27 March 2011


We have all sorts of Princesses on this website - from Princess Fiona, to fairy Princesses and Hello Kitty as a Princess - however, this is a first - here you have My Little Pony as a Princess and I have to admit - she looks very cute. I hope you will enjoy printing and coloring her in...

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Shamrocks Coloring Pages

smiling shamrocks coloring pages

Has become a tradition this year shamrocks coloring pages also come to us with a sense of joy. beautiful song we sing all night to adorn this happy day. I remember when years ago, at the same time, our family gathered to share a small parcel.

This heart filled with love and luck to get what we aspire. Only the strength of the shamrocks that can change the day we become the most historic day in our lives.

Come on, it is time for you to draw shamrocks coloring pages! Immediately download and print by using the white paper. Pour your color in this coloring pages.

shamrocks coloring pages
mini shamrocks coloring pages
four leaf shamrocks coloring pages
green shamrocks coloring pages

Friday, 18 March 2011


Cory Jensen is a very talented artist that makes (among other things) these beautiful paper dolls and posts them on her site at Deviant Art. If you go to and earch for Cory Jensen you'll see all her art.

This is the Belle paper doll from Beauty and the Beast. Click on the image and it will open full size - it is best to print it on card stock if you have it so that the doll and its clothes will last longer.If you like Belle and paper crafts - then you're really going to enjoy this...


Saturday, 12 March 2011

Spring Coloring Pages 2011

spring coloring pages

Spring is the season after winter and before summer. Warmer weather because the soil is moved in the direction of the Sun in many parts of the world of plants and flowers. Often, people suffering from a fever. Many of their animals during the spring breeding season.

In early spring, many people suffer from "seasonal affective disorder" often stops the symptoms. Spring is the season of fun. The color changes from white world. Sprinklers color activity can be used by kindergarten teachers. Pet spring sping Easter displays, fish spring and spring sping some ideas for classroom use.

spring coloring page
spring coloring sheet
spring coloring sheets
spring coloring flower

Colors of spring flowers and coloring pages are easy to draw and color. From the Internet, you will find a way to generate interest and educate children in the classroom.
The green color is common in spring is the reason, you may be too green in the business of color. After drawing and coloring twig. You can hang their posters on walls in spring. Drawing, coloring and making posters warning children occupied and happy.

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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

dr Seuss Coloring Pages

dr seuss coloring pages

Theodor Seuss Geisel was an American writer and cartoonist best known for his children's books written under the pen name Dr. Seuss, Theo Lesiège and in one case, the Rosetta Stone. He has published 44 children, which are often characterized by fictional characters, rhymes, and the frequent use of the counter trisillabici. His most famous books are the best-selling book Green Eggs and Ham, The Cat in the Hat, Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue, The 'egg Horton, Horton Hears a Who, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Many adaptations of his works were created, including eleven television specials, three movies and a Broadway musical.

Geisel also worked as an illustrator for advertising campaigns, particularly for Flit and Standard Oil, and as a political cartoonist for PM, a newspaper in New York. During World War II, he worked in an entertainment service of Holy U. Army, where he wrote Design for Death, a film that later won the 1947 Academy Awards Documentary Feature. Geisel's birthday, March 2, was adopted as the date of the annual National Reading Day America, an initiative created by the reading of the National Education Association.

dr seuss coloring page
dr seuss coloring sheet
dr seuss coloring sheets
dr seuss coloring

Sunday, 6 March 2011


Princess Coloring Pages brings you a few ballet and ballerina themed coloring pictures. I have had a efw requests for these so I will add them here for you to enjoy. If you are a ballet teacher looking for something to hand out in class as a little 'reward' or 'thank you' or if you're a parent whose son or daughter loves ballet, here you can print out the coloring pages you like best. To do so - click on the picture you like and it will open full size - then print or save the picture to your PC to print later.

I know they are not technically 'princess' coloring pages - but ballerinas do look like princesses :)