Sunday, 10 April 2011

Cute Butterfly Coloring Pages

butterfly coloring sheets

NOT excessive if a butterfly is said as an idol among other invertebrate animals. Wings are beautiful and interesting to attract the hearts of many people. The composition of the tile roof similar scales on butterfly wings give color shades and patterns, and this is the basis of name of this insect group, namely Lepidoptera.

Indonesia was awarded the diversity of butterflies are plentiful. Of the estimated 17,500 species of butterfly in the world, no fewer than 1,600 species of which are spread in Indonesia. The wealth of this kind simply unmatched by tropical countries in South America, like Peru and Brazil which have about 3,000 species.

The butterfly has attracted the attention of many people since long that the exploration activities of collecting various types of butterflies have also been conducted in various parts of the Earth, including in the area of ​​the archipelago. Currently not too much found a new species of butterfly, but it is also possible the discovery of new species from all over the archipelago.

In addition to finding new species as recorded history, excavation potential butterfly also should continue to be done. The contribution of the butterfly against medical science progress is quite significant. So much potential and a butterfly charm Indonesia so we should make room for their survival.
butterfly coloring sheet
butterfly coloring page
butterfly coloring pages
butterfly coloring


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