Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Sunbathing Summer Day Coloring Pages

Summer Day Coloring Pages

Summer Day Coloring Pages at the beach if it's not complete without the sun. Especially for the white population in non-tropical regions. They could even go to tropical countries are specialized to be able to sunbathe.

According to Wikipedia, sunbathing is a popular activity in leisure time, in which a person sitting or lying in direct sunlight. Sunbathing can be done on the beach, pool is open, the garden, or even on the outside café. Each sun, the body will absorb sunlight, which can give good effects and bad effects.

There are several benefits to be had when someone Summer Day Coloring Pages.

UV rays in sunlight can stimulate the skin to produce vitamin D. This vitamin is essential for normal composition, growth, and regeneration of bone tissue. Bone with vitamin D is too low can cause bones to lose calcium and weaken, and stimulates the occurrence of osteoporosis.

In addition, UV rays can increase the production of melanin (tanning). Melanin is the pigment that gives color to the skin. Normally, the skin is exposed to sunlight will be stimulated to produce melanin as a part of skin protection against UV rays. Darker skin color perceived as a trend, especially for residents with a white majority. So, its time to download Summer Day Coloring Pages now!

The maximum time allowed for the skin to be exposed to sunlight varies for each person. A person with brown skin can be exposed to sunlight longer than the pale-skinned people. Similarly, thick-skinned people, they were allowed a longer exposure to sunlight. The more a person familiar with the exposure to sunlight, the skin will get brown and can tolerate UV rays better. Conversely, if a person first time sunbathing, skin was not used to sun exposure. Therefore, the Summer Day Coloring Pages for 10-15 minutes felt was enough.

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